Weekend Feature: September 2017-One of the Top 10 Driest on Record

It comes as no surprise that September was not only warmer than normal but also very dry. We only experienced two days of measurable rainfall during the month and very little in terms of severe weather.  An active hurricane season in the Atlantic meant a stagnant pattern over much of the region as deeper moisture remained to the west and south and the active storm track essentially avoided the area.

For Rockford, this was the 6th driest September on record, and for Morrison, this would add up to be the 4th driest September on record.

The driest September occurred back in 1979 when only 0.04″ of precipitation was observed for the entire month.

Fast Facts: 
Warmest Day: September 22nd – 93°
Coolest Day: September 6 – 67°

Rainfall Events – Sterling:
September 19th – 0.32″
September 21st – 0.13″

Summarized Data for our two weather stations: