Weekend Feature: August 2017 – Cool and Dry

Looking back at the August 2017 climate data it is no surprise that not only was the month cooler compared to normal but we also saw quite a large precipitation deficit across much of the area.

Typically in August we usually experience around five days with high temperatures of 90 degrees or higher. This August had zero days with highs of 90 or better. Quite remarkable for a month that is often known for it’s heat and humidity.

Rainfall was also sparse with only 5 days of measurable precipitation totaling just over an inch, when we should usually be seeing close to four and a half inches of precipitation for the month.

A persistent trough in the east kept our conditions cool as strong areas of high pressure moved through from time to time also keeping our pattern rather quiet.


Temperatures: The latest Climate Prediction Center outlook places much of the Midwest in a decent position to see cooler than average temperatures, with a 40% chance of this occurring over the Sauk Valley region.  While we may occasionally see some above average days scattered through the month, it appears more cooler weather will be favored.

Precipitation: Our dry pattern will also look to continue, though this variable is a little more volatile, especially if any tropical systems come into play on either coast. Right now the current pattern favors a 30 to 40 percent chance of below average precipitation for September. This month typically sees around 3.31″ of rainfall.