Warming, Then Dropping

So far this week has been very exceptional. We’ve had comfortable temperatures and that is going to continue for today and tomorrow. Before we dig into details though, we have a seasonal event taking place in Sterling Friday, and also Saturday. Sterling Main Street is having their Seasonal Sights & Sounds of Sterling Friday from 5PM until “late”. Walk the streets of Sterling’s downtown for the Christmas Walk from 5PM to 8PM; shop, dine, and enjoy some activities while you’re there. Afterwards fireworks are planned. Saturday the Twin Cities Holiday Parade will take place from 1PM to 2PM.



Now back to the weather. As mentioned; expect some comfortable, mild, and beautiful weather today and tomorrow. Today’s highs will be much like that of yesterday, around 60 with sunny skies. A light wind from the south southeast is expected which will help with the warmth. The lows tonight around 37 degrees with mostly clear skies, perfect for star gazers. Though I do suggest bundling up, as it will be a bit chilly.



Did I mention warmth? That’s right. Thursday we could hit 70 degrees right here in the Sauk Valley. You won’t have to travel for a warm day this November 17th. If you recall though three years ago, we had a large tornado outbreak across the Midwest and into parts of Illinois. Washington, IL was affected by an EF4 tornado. We won’t be experiencing any severe hazards this year. Fortunately we will just keep the warmth with few clouds. Enjoy this warmth though as Friday a large system is entering our area which is going to change the weather from warm to cold, and pretty fast.

Friday we’ll get our temperatures into the upper 50s due to cloud cover and rain chances throughout the day. A possible thunderstorm won’t be ruled out, and winds will be strong throughout the day. Starting from our southerly direction, the winds will eventually shift towards the north and flush us with cool air. At this point, timing is still not set in stone, but this would take place likely after sunset. Temperatures will begin to drop rapidly after sundown and any precipitation that is still falling could cause flurries and possibly even snow to fall. Do not alarm though, we won’t be getting enough snow or flurries to really impact our Saturday morning commute.

Saturday and Sunday will be pretty cold compared to what we have been feeling this week. Temperatures remaining below 50 into next week as well. If you haven’t yet, it’s a great time to get your car ready for winter with emergency gear, and survival kits. Winter is upon us, and it is coming!