Warm & Windy Friday



Very strong winds will be seen across the area today and for that reason a WIND ADVISORY remains in effect until 6pm this evening as gusts could exceed 50 MPH at times. Make sure and secure any loose outdoor objects that may be around.

It’s been nearly two months since we last experienced a 60 degree temperature reading (December, 14, 2015 to be exact) so it sure is nice to have the opportunity to get some of that mild air back in the area as temperatures today are expected to be nearly 20-25 degrees above normal for this time of year. It won’t be without consequence though as the wind machine will be in full force mode. Thankfully the sunshine will be continuing though!


By Friday evening the winds will begin to relax some as we go through the overnight hours with temperatures still remaining mild. Lows are expected to be around 40 with partly cloudy skies.

Saturday the warmth and sunshine continues but much less in the way of wind making it a more enjoyable day outdoors. Highs will reach the middle 50s. Great day to wash the car too!


Sunday we begin our slide back to normal temperatures as a cold front passes through and the clouds increase. Highs will be in the 40s.

Next week is looking pretty quiet with really no strong or potent systems moving through at this time. Temperatures will return to seasonal levels by Monday with highs in the middle to upper 30s for the week.

Have a great weekend!


Latest Fast5 Forecast:

Today: Partly sunny windy and unseasonably warm: High: 60  Wind: SW 30-40 MPH.
Tonight: Partly cloudy. Windy early. Low: 39
Saturday: Partly sunny and continued mild. Less wind. High: 54
Sunday: Mostly cloudy. High: 45
Monday: Partly sunny. High: 38