Sunshine & Warmth Returns!







High pressure will continue to be in control of our weather pattern across the Sauk Valley today bringing increased amounts of sunshine as the day progresses. We’ll be much warmer too compared to yesterday, when our daytime high couldnt even get out of the 40s! I did some digging just to see when the last date was where our highs remained in the 40s, and went back to roughly a month ago, April 25th. While these types of temperatures are not unheard of in May in the midwest (remember when we had that brief blast of snow?), they can be quite a shock to the system after several weeks of temperatures near 80.


Today’s highs will be in the upper 60s with clear skies by the afternoon.

For tonight clear skies expected and lows in the lower 40s.

Friday and Saturday both look fantastic, with plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the lower to middle 70s.

The upcoming Memorial Day holiday is looking active, with our best chance of showers and thunderstorms on Sunday, then scattered coverage through the beginning of next week. Each day won’t be a total washout by any means, but the chance of storms lingers. Temperatures will remain mild too, holding in the middle to upper 70s.