Summer Returns!

Summer is on the rebound this week as temperatures soar some 8-10 degrees above average for this time of year.  Shower and thunderstorm chances return by the middle of the week though signalling a return to fall by next weekend. Have a great Monday!

After a very dreary weekend featuring plenty of clouds and even showers from time to time, the sun will make an appearance today along with much warmer temperatures as an area of high pressure gains control of the region.

Category 4 Hurricane Matthew continues to churn in the Caribbean and will actually have some influence on our weather here in the Sauk Valley if it decides to track up the east coast. Typically when major storm systems impact the eastern coast our weather here in the upper Midwest remains quiet tranquil. Expect the warmth to continue as well as the overall pattern could slow down some.


Chances for showers and thunderstorms will increase on Wednesday right on through Thursday as a cold front approaches the area. Too early to dive into severe weather potential but it is something that will be monitored.