Stormy Afternoon Ahead

Yesterday we managed to keep drier air in the area which allowed for a beautiful, comfortable day across the Sauk Valley. It also kept our storm threat away as well which was why we did not see any showers or thunderstorms in the area.

Unfortunately today we will regain enough moisture to allow for more humid and muggy conditions. Highs today will be around 87 with a heat index in the mid to upper 90s. Be sure to drink plenty of water if you work outdoors or are outdoors in general today. We also have a chance for showers and thunderstorms this late afternoon through the evening hours. Currently we are in risk category 2 or Slight risk. While much of the activity has been appearing to favor along and south of I-80, we still stand a chance for some scattered and more conditional severe weather.

Threats today for any strong to severe thunderstorm may include damaging winds, hail, and possibly an isolated tornado. Timing will favor after 6PM ending by 11PM. General storm motion will be from the west to the east at 25-30MPH. While the threat seems more likely in Western Illinois south of I-80, don’t let that put your guard down in the event that a storm does occur here. Otherwise the area may remain dry and muggy, or possibly see a light shower this evening.

No further updates should be needed for today. Be weather aware this evening (especially those south of the area), and watch your official sources for warnings.