Snowfall Check: How much we’ve seen so far this winter.

Are you tired of the snow yet? Snow-lovers have sure had their fill this season as we’ve been in a very active pattern lately. We’re also not that far from reaching a record when it comes to how much snow we’ve seen so far this January.

Note: All data comes from Moline, IL. No official observations are kept for Sterling.

So far this winter, we’ve seen several strong storm systems blast through the region bringing mainly heavier snowfall events, rather than light ones. This has racked up nearly two feet of snow for the entire season, which begins on December 1.

If you look back even further and include the November blizzard, we have picked up 40.6 inches of snowfall since July 1st. The normal is 18 inches.

January has been off to a crazy start as we have seen just shy of 21 inches of snow. The record for the month is 26.7 inches set back during the brutal winter of 1979.

We have at least one, if not two opportunities to add to our January total coming up in the next week. A strong storm system will impact the region on Monday, followed by another snow chance on Thursday.

The coldest air that the region has experienced in a number of years is also looking more likely for next week, with the coldest nights begin Tuesday night and Wednesday night. Here are the record low temperatures for those two days. It does appear likely that these records will be in jeopardy, especially depending on how much snow ends up falling with Monday’s system.

Tuesday’s Record Low: -19° set in 1966
Wednesday’s Record Low: -14° set in 1966.

Looking back at the January snowfall in 1966, there was a total of 6 inches of snow for the month, for comparison.