Saturday’s Storms More Beneficial Than You May Think

Saturday’s supercell thunderstorm that moved over the area was quite beneficial believe it or not and couldn’t have come at a much more crucial time.

The month of June is on average when our area experiences the most observed rainfall out of all the months of the warm season. Before Saturday we were facing a rainfall deficit of over 2 inches with no measurable rainfall from June 1-14. A remarkable dry stretch that can often times lead to concerns of a short-term/long-term drought as evaporation rates peak towards the end of June and through July.

Thankfully due to the storms on Saturday we have caught back up a little closer to where we should be for this time in June with our rainfall amounts, and several more chances of rainfall lie ahead in the forecast this week. Even though we are still over 2 inches short of our goal by the end of this month, a more active pattern that will likely send occasional clusters of thunderstorms into the area has me remaining optimistic that we will be fine by July 1st.

I’ve attached information that shows our rainfall for the year so far compared to normal and also the monthly evaporation rates for our nearest measuring site in DeKalb.

There’s your weather geek moment of the day . Weather and climate are just amazing and I love how Mother Nature always tries to work things out. The delicate balancing act continues.