One-Two Punch This Upcoming Weekend

Sure is nice to have a few days of sunshine especially after going through the colder temperatures over the last few days. Yesterday we made it up to the middle 20s for highs, just warm enough to safely wash all of the road salt off the car finally!

We’ll continue the sunshine today with temperature similar to what we had yesterday, in the middle 20s with light winds. Overall not a bad day at all.

Our one-two punch weekend begins with much colder temperatures on Saturday as an area of arctic high pressure moves in from the northwest. This will bring temperatures down into the lower teens for highs with wind chills in the single digits.


Punch two arrives for Sunday as a potent clipper system dives down into the area bringing a swath of light snow with it. Accumulations at this time look to remain light, with perhaps an inch or two here locally. Winds will pick up as well with this system so blowing/drifting snow could become an issue at times. Stay tuned as we head through the weekend if you have travel plans on Sunday.


Next week we’ll start off quiet with perhaps another clipper system moving through on Tuesday otherwise a warming trend begins and by this time next week we could be seeing temperatures well above 40 degrees! Something to look forward too!


Have a great weekend!