Nice Tuesday…Storms Return Wednesday

We’re examining some rainfall totals this morning and most of us are double where we should be this time of year. We’ll be dry again today but rain chances will return for Wednesday. Find out when you can expect the skies to pour again in your latest forecast. Have a great Tuesday!


August has been a wet month for many of us across the Sauk Valley. Typically during this time we see just a little over four inches by the end of the month but many of us are already double that amount and we still have several days left to go before the month officially closes out. Here’s a look at where we stand as of today.  Very impressive!


We’ve logged 11 wet AND 11 dry days so it’s been an even split but there was quite a wet stretch last week when most of the heavy rain fell across the area.


Back to today’s forecast we’ll be dry again with a little more in the way of cloud cover this afternoon. Temperatures will easily warm into the lower 80s with a light southerly wind.


Tonight increasing moisture will lead to chances for showers and thunderstorms well after midnight and specially going into Wednesday morning ahead of a cold front. Right now the severe threat is marginal especially given the time of day but there will be plenty of moisture pleasant to once again put down some heavy rainfall totals across some of our hometowns.

Then rain should begin to taper off by the afternoon hours but extensive cloud cover is expected to remain and that will keep our highs cooler during the afternoon hours.

Pleasant conditions will return to round out the week with cooler temperatures and increased sunshine. Shower and storm chances arrive again by the second half of the upcoming weekend.