Monday Still Sunny & Mild…Rain Begins Tuesday


I saw many people outside on the walking trails today taking advantage of the beautiful conditions as the winds finally subsided and the sun returned! We managed to make it up to 64 degrees for a high and it appears we’ll do it all over again for Monday (maybe even a degree higher). As most of you have probably heard by now Hurricane Patricia was really quite an amazing storm, especially since it was the strongest North Pacific hurricane on record that the National Hurricane Center has ever had the responsibility of tracking. Yowzers! While the storm has diminished greatly since making landfall earlier this weekend, leftover moisture from this system will work northward and by the time Tuesday rolls around we’ll see an increase in clouds with widespread rain likely come Tuesday afternoon. This rain will continue into the first half of Wednesday with temperatures taking a dive heading into Thursday.

We’ll see you Tuesday morning for the complete forecast. Have a great Monday!