Incoming! Warm Weather!

The last two days have been a little bit on the chilly and wet side as Wednesday spit out a gloomy and rainy day. However, we turn things around for Friday and  Saturday as southerly winds take the stage and bring the warmth! Expect today to have a little breeze to it as well as possible gusts up to 25MPH at times. Did I mention warm? Temperatures today will reach into the upper 60s for some of us. If we manage to squeeze in longer hours of sunlight we could see 70 degrees in parts of Whiteside county. Grab a coat for the games tonight though as temperatures will drop into the lower 60s.


How about the weekend though? Saturday will warm up even more with temperatures reaching into the mid 70s! Unfortunately though, a cold front is destined to move through the area Saturday night which may bring scattered showers. With that, temperatures will dip around 60 for Sunday with few clouds.

Need information for Halloween? Sunday Amboy has their Halloween parade starting at 3, and trick or treating will follow the parade and end at 7PM. For those in Whiteside county, Fulton has their trick or treating hours from 6 to 8PM Sunday. Otherwise, the rest of the Sauk Valley and two counties celebrate Halloween on Monday evening.



As for our extended outlook, October ends with unseasonably warm weather, but November turns on the A/C as we spiral downward into the 60s. Wednesday/Thursday time frame we have a chance for showers and possibly a thunderstorm. Other than that our temperatures favor under 70s for awhile keeping with 50s and 60s.