UPDATED: Ice Jam Alert: Rock River Upstream of Como

TUESDAY 1/22/19 7:30 AM
ICE JAM CONTINUES: A Flood WARNING has been issued for the Rock River at Dixon as an ice jam upstream of Como continues. Currently, the river is nearing 16 feet. At this level, North Canal Drive is threatened in Woodland Shores. Water also begins overflowing low-lying areas along West First Street in Dixon along with residential property near Sherman Avenue and River Street.
Rapid fluctuations are likely as the ice jam continues. Be prepared for quick rises in water levels.



ICE JAM ALERT: An ice jam has formed on the Rock River upstream of Como. Quick rises of river levels will be possible both upstream and downstream of Como as the ice fluctuates. Currently the Rock River at Dixon is slightly above flood stage and could crest higher by Tuesday evening. If you live along the Rock River, be on the lookout for quick rises in river levels and be prepared to seek higher ground.