High Pressure Sets In

Yesterday I mentioned how our humidity levels were going to just drop. This will continue as a high pressure will settle in the area allowing all of our moisture to remain to our south. Along with that, we’ll see plenty of sunshine, low humidity levels, and zero chances for rain! A much needed break from those ring of fire patterns, and flooding.

Already off to a comfortable start for today, our temperatures will begin to rise towards 80 degrees. Sunny conditions along with a gentle northeast wind around 8-10MPH. An excellent night tonight with lows in the upper 50s and mostly clear skies. This is the season for seeing our Milky Way and summer galaxy. Find a dark place and enjoy it, as our weather will favor easy viewing, and very comfortable temperatures.


Looking into our weekend, basically we’ll stick with a rinse-repeat type pattern as temperatures will slowly increase by Monday into the lower-mid 80s. Still remaining dry through the weekend, as well as keeping humidity levels at bay. Go ahead and make those outdoor plans, as this will be the perfect weekend to do so. On our further extended, we’re not going to talk about rain chances at least until Wednesday, where an extremely slight chance for rain exists, but our temperatures will keep in the mid to lower 80s through part of next week.