Hermine Applies the Brakes…Labor Day Remains Dry

………..Did you hear that? That’s right! Nothing! Not a drop of rain to be found or heard around the area as our much needed break from the recent heavy rains continues. I’ve got even better news in terms of your Labor Day weekend forecast this morning! Check it out! Have a great Holiday weekend!


August was a month for the record books as deluge after deluge impacted the Sauk Valley region. Illinois managed to squeeze out the wettest August on record according to State Climatologist Jim AngelĀ (read more here)

Here is a look at some of the rainfall totals from last month around the area. VERY impressive numbers for a month that usually averages around ~4.50″ total.


I’ve got some great news in terms of our weather. Not only with this period of dry weather persist for several more days but the rain has been removed from the forecast for Labor Day! So make plans to fire up the grill and get outside. What do we have to thank for this? Hurricane Hermine!

Today we’re looking at mostly sunny skies and cool temperatures with highs in the 70s and a light northeasterly breeze. If you are heading out to football tonight bright along the light jacket if you plan on staying for the entire game as temperatures will be cooking off rather quickly.




As the hurricane continues to work up the east coast it will place a temporary block on the overall weather pattern across the central part of the U.S. meaning we’ll stay dry and gradually warm temperatures a degree or two each day.

Much warmer temperatures will be arriving after Labor Day next week as the flow becomes southwest again meaning we’ll have more in the way of humidity and daily chances for showers and storms until a cold front moves through later in the week. Don’t forget we are entering the second severe weather season of the year as the season begins to transition and cooler air attempts to move southward into the region.

Have a great Holiday weekend!