Flood Warning Issued for Whiteside

A Flood WARNING is in effect from July 20th 9:30PM until July 26th, 10PM for Whiteside County.
-The Rock River at Como-
At 3:30PM Thursday the stage was 9.1 feet and rising. The Flood stage is 10.0 feet. It is forecast to rise to 11.6 feet Saturday morning and fall below flood stage by Tuesday morning.
A Flood ADVISORY is in effect until July 25th, 1PM for Lee County.
-The Rock River at Dixon-
At 2:15PM Thursday the stage was 12.5 feet. Action stage is 13.0 feet while the flood stage is 16.0 feet. It is forecast to rise near 14.1 feet by Friday afternoon.
The local sheriffs office’s are encouraging residents along the Rock River to remove all docks and campers. They also suggest residents who live there to vacate the residency due to the impending flooding. Remember, if you encounter a flooded roadway, turn around don’t drown!