Enhanced Risk For Damaging Wind Producing Thunderstorms Sunday Night

The Storm Prediction Center has upgraded our risk from slight to enhanced, especially the northwest portion of the area as the risk for damaging wind producing thunderstorms is on the increase for later on tonight.

A complex of severe thunderstorms will likely develop over southern Minnesota and then race southeastward towards our area overnight. These storms will likely congeal into a bowing segment capable of producing winds in excess of 70 MPH.

Timing: 1AM to 6AM Monday Morning
Tornadoes: Low
Large Hail: Moderate – Over 1″ in diameter possible.
Wind: High – Gusts in excess of 70 MPH possible.
Flash Flooding: Moderate – Rain may quickly add up to over an inch in a short period of time.

There is the risk that storms may “back-build” or ┬ámove over the same areas repeatedly into Monday morning causing flooding issues as the amount of moisture in place for these storms to work with is extremely high.

Make sure and stay weather aware throughout the overnight hours and have your weather radio/warnings source ready to go should your area be placed under a watch/warning.