Cooler Temperatures to Stick Around PLUS Pumpkin Dash Forecast!


Looking back at September it really was quite a warm month! When you put the data together and see how many days high temperatures were above average, it’s pretty impressive! 23 days in total above average, over two thirds of the month. ┬áPrecipitation was the same way as well with totals nearly 2 inches above average, so overall September was quite a month in terms of weather around here.


October isn’t starting out the same way though as temperatures have been slightly below normal in the lower 60s yesterday and this trend will continue until the beginning of next week.

This tends to be the perfect pattern though to aid in bringing out the brilliant colors with the fall foliage peak expected in the next couple of weeks. Sunny/warm days and cool nights are beneficial to promoting the brilliant colors each season. We can expect our peak week around the middle of October.



The forecast for this upcoming Saturday still looks quite chilly especially with winds gusting to around 25 MPH which will make temperatures feel much cooler. Thankfully the sun will be out so as long as you are not in the shade it should be pretty tolerable. Definitely grab the jacket though!


Looking further out into the future we’ll keep things dry throughout much of the upcoming weekend and into early next week with a gradual warming trend starting Monday before our next weather maker moves in for late Wednesday and early Thursday. Right now not looking too exciting.






You’re all up to date with the latest forecast!

Have a fantastic weekend!