Cool & Dry Start to October

Our entrance into the beginning of October is turning out to be pretty quiet compared to what the folks on the east coast are getting ready to deal with as Hurricane Joaquin continues to aim towards the eastern seaboard. What Joaquin means for our weather pattern is that things are going to remain the same for the next several days as this storm system will halt the current pattern over much of the nation. This is definitely a good pattern to be in though in terms of our weather as it means continued sunshine and seasonal fall-like temperatures will last through at least the beginning of next week.

Cooler readings will be around the area today as we’ll continue to be in a dry and cool northeasterly flow pattern as highs will only reach the lower 60s. Overnight lows will remain quite chilly over the next several days as well, hanging out in the 40s.

The forecast for the upcoming weekend is still on track with lots of sunshine and cool temperatures. Make sure and grab that jacket if you plan on doing anything outdoors.

Coming up on Friday, we’ll detail your Pumpkin Dash forecast along with a look at when we can expect that spectacular fall color show to make more of an appearance. We’ll see you then!