Christmas Day Forecast

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

We’re getting a break today from the rainfall thankfully as we are in-between systems which is good news as we certainly don’t need anymore rainfall. Wednesday was quite an unusual day for us not only being under a tornado watch for the latter half but we nearly hit 60 degrees for a high and anytime you combine unusual warmth and a strong disturbance with a strong jet you can get some strong storms going and that’s exactly what occurred in some parts of the area. Thankfully our immediate area was spared but folks off to the south in parts of Mississippi were not so lucky as a long tracked tornado struck down in the way.

Today though will be much calmer with sunshine returning and mild conditions continuing as highs approach the lower 40s.

By tomorrow rain enters the picture once again as a disturbance passes off to the south providing us with scattered showers at times. Temperatures will be warmer with middle 40s expected. No significant rainfall is expected from this system.

Sunday will be quiet again but cooler as attention turns towards a strong storm system that will impact the region on Monday. Solutions are still varying with this one but it does appear we are in for not only rain but snow as well so if you are traveling back home Monday you will want to keep tabs on this one!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday’s.