Beautiful Weekend Ahead!

Some patchy dense fog may greet us in spots again this morning so make sure and leave a few extra minutes to leave your destination. Once the fog burns off this morning we’ll return to sunny skies and more mild temperatures. Highs will be back in the middle 60s with a light and variable wind.  Clear skies continue tonight which gives us full sunshine for all of the upcoming weekend with highs remaining in the 60s. Where is the  Enjoy the warmth!  – Andrew


Where is the cold? Well for the past several weeks it has been locked up in extreme northern Canada and parts of the northeast as well while a nice warm dome is holding strong over the central Midwest.  As you can see from the image above the warmer colors represent where the warmth is currently established while the cooler colors, blues and pinks, remained locked to the northeast.

As we advance the pattern ahead a week we really don’t change things too drastically. Slightly cooler here yes, but still above normal and the really cold stuff remains locked up to the north. It does appear it will take some time before it begins to dive south, at least another couple of weeks or so.

Until then we have a dry and mild pattern that will march on right through the upcoming weekend with sunny skies and highs in the middle to upper 60s. Next chance of rain arrives on Election Day however its not an overly impressive chance, only about 20% right now.  Beyond that the 60s continue right on through next week.