Arctic Blast Continues…Minor Snow System Thursday

A Wind Chill Advisory remains in place until noon today as bitterly cold temperatures continue across the area. There is only some small relief in sight as we look at the current forecast for the next few days and to add insult to injury it does appear another accumulating snow is in our future, too.

The temperature plot Wednesday morning shows just how expansive this arctic air intrusion is, stretching all the way down to the panhandle of Florida. This is likely just phase one of two cold snaps that we are going to encounter over the next week.

The second round of colder temperatures hinges on what happens with our next potential snow-maker. A fast moving system will enter the region Thursday morning spreading lights snow over the area. A couple of inches look like with this system and thanks to the cold air in place the snow will be light and accumulate quickly. If we can get another solid, fresh snow-cover in place temperatures for the upcoming weekend will plummet once again to several degrees below zero at night and barely above zero during the day.

We’ll continue to track Thursday’s system, but it is looking more and more likely that the upcoming weekend will be downright frigid with dangerous wind chills continuing. Bundle up if you must venture outdoors.