April 2019: Cooler & wetter than normal. May holds the same pattern.

The month of April started out initially cooler and dry, but quickly turned wet and active as the jet stream shifted closer to the region bringing with it some of the year’s warmest temperatures. We hit our first 80-degree high on April 21st, which is fairly close to when we normally see these warmer conditions.

Total rainfall for the month averaged higher, especially the second-half of the month where the heavier rains fell. We ended up with a total of 4.93 inches versus an average 3.59 inches.

With the wetter pattern settling in, it was no surprised that the month was generally cooler than normal in our part of the local region. Temperatures were a little more than 1.5 degrees cooler than normal.

Other Statistics:
Warmest day: April 21 High of 81°
Coolest Day: April 30 High of 48°
Wettest Day: April 27 with 0.87″ of rainfall
Highest Wind Gust: April 12 33 MPH


With an active jet stream nearby, precipitation is expected to remain above-average, becoming heavy at times. This will continue and even renew the threat for more river flooding by the middle of May. Because of the above-average precipitation, temperatures are also expected to be cooler than average through the month of May.