April 2018: 2nd Coldest on Record.

Is anyone really shocked? Insulting snows and bitterly cold temperatures while also racking up a moisture deficit by the end of the month. Remarkably we did manage to hit 82 degrees before we closed the month. Several multi-day stretches of dry weather also compounded a growing short-term drought by the end of the month. 
Temperatures: 7.9° below normal. (Normal: 50.4°)
Precipitation: 2.44″ below normal. (Normal: 3.61″)
Snowfall: 3.3″ above normal. (Normal: 0.9″)
Here’s a look at the more detailed statistics.
Our Sterling station is located approximately 1 mile north of the city off Science Ridge Road.
Our Dixon station is located at Distinctive Gardens in Dixon.

Climate data for our Sterling weather station

Climate data for our Dixon weather station