Another Winning Weekend!


We sure have been on a winning streak with Mother Nature lately in that we have thus far recently managed to: A) miss a significant snowfall event that ended up falling just a couple hours away from here, and B) Two weekends in a row (last weekend and this upcoming weekend) of above average temperatures. Talk about spoiled! Onto the details we go!

Today expect a pretty similar day to what we had yesterday with the exception of lighter winds and slightly warmer highs. On and off sunshine and highs in the lower 40s for this afternoon.

Tonight skies will clear allowing temperatures to drop off a little more than they have in recent nights. We’ll be back in the 20s for lows.


We’ve got another winning weekend on tap especially for Saturday as there will be plenty of sunshine and a very gusty southwest breeze that will help push high temperatures well into the 50s. So if you didn’t get a chance to enjoy the warmth last weekend you’ve got a second chance now!

Slide7 Sunday clouds will be increasing ahead of an area of low pressure and a cold front that is set to move through by Sunday evening. This front could squeeze out a few showers by the afternoon but still a mild day is expected as highs return to the 50s again with windy conditions.

Behind the front early next week temperatures will cool slightly but sunshine will remain on Monday.

We’ll be keeping an eye on a storm system that could impact the area by Tuesday/Wednesday of next week but right now it’s too early to get into any specifics since it is so far out in time. Something to watch though.

Enjoy the warmth this weekend!