An Exceptional Period of Sunshine Ahead!

Hopefully you are a fan of sunshine and mild temperatures because that is the pattern we will be stuck with for the entire week and even the beginning of next week too! In fact, we have to look all the way to the first week of October for any signs of significant precipitation, which is a good thing as we do need to dry out a bit from the recent round of heavy rains that pushed our monthly rainfall total past the 5 inch mark, with some locations picking up even more!

Today we’ll continue full sunshine and light winds with highs nearing 80 degrees.

Wednesday will feature more of the same with temperatures and sunshine with highs around 80 again.

More 80s and sunshine as we finish out the week with excellent conditions for Friday night football expected.

I’d keep going, but the extended tells it all. Beautiful weather as far as the eye can see. Enjoy!


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