Allison Shuman

Allison was born and raised in Sterling, IL. A perpetual weather nerd, she was obsessed
with weather at an early age of 7 years old. Twister was her catalyst and from that
moment on weather books from the library were always in her grasp and the weather
channel was normally playing in the background. When her eyes weren’t busy watching
the clouds, she was heavily involved in her school’s music and drama programs. Allison
is a 2008 graduate of Sterling High School. She currently attends Sauk Valley
Community College, working toward an Associates in Science degree and plans on
attending Northern Illinois University to earn her Bachelor’s in Meteorology. She
currently works full time at Sauk Valley Bank as a Universal Banker while she continues
her studies. Allison is a proud rescue dog owner and enjoys every moment with her
sassy and silly pup. When not busy being a silly dog mom, Allison enjoys spending time
with her lovable nieces whom she adores and is also an avid writer.