80s Today…Up & Down Temps Continue

Summer makes a big comeback today as temperatures surge into the 80s with gusty southwest winds. There will also be extra moisture in the air so things will fee a bit humid out there. Skies will remain dry and mostly cloudy this morning but some sun will be likely by the afternoon hours. The warmth will roll on through Tuesday but a brief cool-down lies ahead. Here is your latest forecast. Have a great Monday!


The added humidity it sure making it feel very summer-like across the Sauk Valley as moisture has streamed up from the Gulf of Mexico. Here is a look at the dew point temperature plot for Sunday afternoon. Areas shaded in green have dew point temperatures above the middle 50s. Light green indicates middle to upper 60s. Quite impressive!


A few postings about a possible snow on Halloween reminded me to take a look back at our last 10 first 1″ of snowfall dates. Currently I don’t expect us to see much if any snow this month unless something drastic changes in our pattern with all of this recent warmth. Here is a look at the last 10 years worth of data.


We’ll continue to hang onto the moisture today but not expecting any rain as the main precipitation forcing mechanisms remain to the north of the area. Highs will be very mild this afternoon with a gusty southwesterly wind easily pushing us into the 80s.

Tonight skies will begin to clear out but winds out of the southwest won’t allow temperatures to fall all that much. Lows in the lower 60s are likely. Very warm for this time of year.

Tuesday will feature more in the way of sun but a bit cooler with highs in the 70s.

A weak cold front may set off a few scattered showers on Wednesday otherwise expecting mostly cloudy conditions and cooler temperatures.

Things will begin to warm up by next weekend, but the overall pattern looks quiet for now.