70s Return…TODAY ONLY!

We’re in for another treat this afternoon as the 70s make a comeback, though remember it wasn’t all that long ago that we saw our first 70s of the year. You only have to go back to last month to around February 22nd when our highs surged to near 70 on that unusual warm day.


We’ll continue to run the risk of scattered showers and storms this afternoon, especially after 2pm or so on a scattered basis, so keep that umbrella handy and you’ll need it into much of the weekend too.

The Weather Prediction Center has our area in a 2″+ category for rainfall accumulation potential into early next week, so now is a good time to also make sure your gutters are unclogged and storm drains are free of debris.

The severe weather threat appears low over the next 48 hours due to lack of instability.

For the upcoming weekend, Saturday appears to have the most rainfall potential with precipitation becoming more scattered by Sunday, so not everyday will be a complete washout. There WILL be some dry hours between the rain showers. What will aid in the heavy rainfall potential is the increasing amounts of moisture streaming up from the Gulf of Mexico which will be wide open for business with many of these storm systems set to traverse across the area.

The extended remains mild and active with a brief break in the showers and storms for Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.