100th Show Giveaway

It’s hard to believe but we are quickly approaching our 100th episode of Sauk Valley Weather Today! It seems like just yesterday we started this endeavor and we are really amazed how far we have come over the past several months. We really appreciate everyone’s supportive comments and even the criticism too!

In celebration of our 100th episode which will air Tuesday, March 15th, 2016 we have teamed up with a local organization to create a unique and fun contest that involves our ever traveling microphone.

Each episode of SVWT beginning March 1st will feature a photo of where our microphone is located. It remains in the same building each broadcast but if you can correctly guess which building (in Sterling) our microphone is located in you’ll have a chance at winning a very nice prize basket that has all sorts of goodies in it.

You can enter as many guesses as you like, there is no limit. However we will only pick ONE correct guess per person.

You can enter your guesses HERE.

Below are the photo clues that have been used each show so far:


Friday March 4 2016 SVWT