Rollercoaster Temperature Ride Continues…Staying Dry

  Hopefully most of you still have your hats after the strong wind that moved through yesterday afternoon. Many locations reported gusts over 40 MPH with a 46 MPH reading taken right here at home out at the Whiteside County Airport around 2pm yesterday afternoon. All of this wind is in response to a very […]

Warming Trend Continues…Rain Possible Thursday

  I’m sure we have all seen the devastation that very heavy rainfall has caused in South Carolina. Some of the rainfall totals coming out of portions of the state are astounding. These amounts come from a variety of sources, some verified and some not, but still when you look at the overall picture it’s […]

Cool & Dry Start to October

Our entrance into the beginning of October is turning out to be pretty quiet compared to what the folks on the east coast are getting ready to deal with as Hurricane Joaquin continues to aim towards the eastern seaboard. What Joaquin means for our weather pattern is that things are going to remain the same for […]

Scattered Showers Today…Cooler Temperatures to Stick Around

***SPECIAL MESSAGE AT THE END OF TODAY’S SHOW 🙂 *** Hopefully you were able to enjoy the past weekend’s weather and especially the temperatures as it looks like we won’t be returning to the 80s anytime in the foreseeable future as we turn to a more fall-like weather pattern with northwest flow developing ushering in […]

Picture Perfect Weekend Ahead

Dry and pleasant conditions continue to be seen across the area with high pressure still remaining in control of our weather pattern. The reason for the stagnant pattern has been very weak winds aloft as the main jet stream that drives the weather pattern has been located well to the north of the area, driving […]

An Exceptional Period of Sunshine Ahead!

Hopefully you are a fan of sunshine and mild temperatures because that is the pattern we will be stuck with for the entire week and even the beginning of next week too! In fact, we have to look all the way to the first week of October for any signs of significant precipitation, which is […]

Let the sun shine, let the sun shine in.

A boring week for the weather man means a great week of weather is on tap for you, especially if you have any plans outdoors! High pressure is going to remain firmly (and by firmly I mean death grip firmly) in control of our pattern for much of the upcoming week. In fact, I don’t […]

Rain Moves Out…Beautiful Weekend In Progress

The storm system responsible for the heavy rainfall over the past couple of days continues to move off to the east leaving in it’s wake sunshine and much cooler temperatures. First, yesterday’s rainfall totals as seen on the radar estimated rainfall graphic. Many areas locally picked up over two inches of rainfall while just off […]

Heavy Showers & Thunderstorms to Close Out the Week

Summer-like warmth continues across the region all ahead of a cold front sitting out to the west that will bring a good chance for some heavy showers and thunderstorms as we close out the work week followed by cooler but dry conditions for this upcoming weekend. Radar and satellite this morning shows a complex of […]

Chilly Tonight…Gradual Warming Starting Sunday :)

You might just want to shut the windows tonight (unless you are like me and sleep with a couple layers of blankets 🙂 ) as temperatures will dive down into the middle to even lower 40s overnight. Several factors will come together to allow this as our skies remain clear and winds light. Tomorrow begins one […]

Scattered Storms Today…Crashing Temperatures This Weekend

We’ll be returning to another fall-like preview in terms of temperatures again for the upcoming weekend but first we’ll have another round of scattered showers and thunderstorms for this afternoon ahead of an approaching cold front. Clouds have already begun to increase across the region with a few showers and storms on radar to the […]

Warmth Continues This Weekend

The warmer temperatures and very muggy conditions will persist as we begin the long holiday weekend with highs in near 90 and the heat index surpassing 95 degrees. There will be small chances for isolated thunderstorms during the day on Saturday and Sunday, but nothing that will be a total washout by any means if […]

Heat and Humidity Continues This Week

After several days of below normal temperatures for most of last week this week has been a complete 180 so far as the late summer heat and humidity has made a return to the area. Temperatures yesterday managed to make it into the middle 80s for highs but with the added moisture it really felt […]

Another Beautiful Day…Rain Chances Increasing

Another crisp fall-like start to our day as lows reached into the lower 50s again this morning as high pressure continues to reinforce our cool and dry air mass. We’ll continue to see sunshine and pleasant conditions today before our next chance of rain arrives for later tomorrow as an area of low pressure approaches […]

Continued Cooler & Dry

Our fall-like pattern continues on through much of this week with cooler than average temperatures and dry conditions. Yesterday’s highs only made it only into the lower 70s and the same will be expected for today with a few less clouds in the afternoon. We’ll relax the winds a bit as well since the area […]

Beautiful Saturday….Rain Chances Tonight/Early Sunday

Another beautiful day on tap for the area with humidity levels remaining in check and plenty of sunshine expected as temperatures get into the middle 80s by the time we hit the late afternoon. A cold front will continue to progress eastward overnight and bring us a brief chance of some showers and thunderstorms near […]

Still Cool Today…Sunshine Continues Friday

What a dramatic drop in the temperatures yesterday as we were under the influence of a mature area of low pressure just to the north of the area that kept us in the clouds and even a few light showers from time to time. We actually experienced our high for the day quite early, 70 […]