Heat & Humidity Return

THURSDAY 9/20/18 Muggy conditions will be felt across the Sauk Valley today as a warm front will advance north. Temperatures are expected to reach into the lower 90s for our region. Humidity will also rise into uncomfortable conditions, allowing our temperature to reach heat index values around 95°. We’ll remain dry in our afternoon hours […]

April Celestial Event Outlook

Here we are, finally April and the skies continue to change bringing us closer to our summer viewing pleasures in the night sky. The weather will remain rather brisk with temperatures favoring below average to average temperatures for the month, along with a few active patterns showing up. April will be a quieter month than […]

Clouds Settling In

It may be spring, but it sure hasn’t felt like spring lately. Clouds will be settling in for the majority of the day today, along with some areas of fog across the Sauk Valley region. A few breaks in the clouds later this afternoon may be seen, but overall, expect cloudy conditions. Temperatures today will […]

Latest Regarding Winter Storm

So far everything continues to point towards an early spring winter storm. What first started this morning on the southern California coast quickly moved northeast through the Rocky Mountains and as of 5PM tonight it continues to track east southeast through the central plains. This is a big reason as to why this system has […]

Space in March

I wanted to write briefly on the subject of astronomical events for the remainder of March as we do have some rare events happening before the month is over. For those of us who do enjoy constellations, planets, and our galaxy this will pertain to you and this will not be weather related. Over the […]

Winter Advisory for Monday February 5th

A Winter Weather Advisory will be in effect beginning Monday at 12PM and lasting through the evening. Accumulations of 3 to 6 inches are expected to fall. The snow will move in from Iowa around the noon hour. Along with the snowfall, temperatures will be in the upper teens. Expect snow covered roads and low […]

February Begins Cold

Today marks February first. We’re almost through this winter season, and as we know; February can be volatile. Today we’ll be experiencing just that, as our temperatures will drastically change before the noon hour. Another arctic blast is scheduled for this morning to impact much of the Midwest, including the Sauk Valley area. While the […]

South Winds Enter

Good Tuesday morning! Early this morning winds will shift towards the south bringing us warmer air than yesterday. Expect wind speeds around 13MPH from the south, with gusts up to 20MPH at times. Highs today won’t be in the 40s just yet, only around 35 degrees for most of us. Cloud will increase as we […]

Warming Trend This Week

After what seemed like a spring or summer day yesterday with temperatures topping out at 57 degrees at the Whiteside county airport, we’ll be needing a jacket for the next couple of days before we crank up the temperature again. A few of our midday and afternoon thunderstorms across the area and neighboring counties experienced […]

30s Today, 40s Tomorrow

We’ll have one more day stuck in the 30s as highs today really won’t leave the 30 degree mark. A southwest wind around 12MPH will be in place, but it won’t bring in much warm air due to the snow on the ground to our southwest. We’ll see mostly sunny  conditions with very little in […]

Continue With Fall

Another Fall-like day will be present not only today, but through the weekend with temperatures [after today] in the lower 70s. Today though, Highs around 74 with plenty of sunshine once our fog burns off by our late morning hours. So get out an enjoy not one, but the next three days! A cooler night […]

Falling for the 70’s

Quite the noticeable cool down is in effect for the area over the next several days as we remain in the 70s. A great break from that summer-like weather is finally here, and a taste of fall will stick around for now.. Decreasing clouds today with highs only reaching 71 degrees. We’ll have a cool […]

More Heat, Dry, and Humid Conditions

As the cold front stalled out yesterday across eastern Iowa, and far northwest corner of Illinois, storms failed to linger into the Sauk Valley region leaving us dry and hot. Unfortunately that cold front will not advance any further east as it transitions into a warm front over the next day and move northward out […]

Heat, Storms & Solar Eclipse Countdown

Good Wednesday everyone! A little bit of heat and humidity will be present across the area today along with chances for showers and thunderstorms early this afternoon and then again later tonight. For today we’ll be increasing our clouds allowing for a mostly cloudy day along with southeast winds around 7MPH. Some disturbances will be […]

Weekend Feature: Solar Eclipse 2017

By now everyone has heard about the big event of the year that will soon be here, and then be gone just as fast. That’s the total solar eclipse of 2017. An event that millions upon millions of people around the globe have been planning since last year. What makes this total solar eclipse so […]

A Tad Bit Warmer

Good Wednesday morning! Another dry day expected across the Sauk Valley region today. We’ll pick up a calm south wind by before the morning ends which will bring in a tiny bit of moisture to the area. Thankfully, it will not bring a lot of humidity to make it uncomfortable. Highs today for the area […]

Threat for Storms Today

A little warmer, more moisture, and also a chance for some shower and thunderstorm activity today are in the discussion. We’ll start off the day with some fog in areas across the two counties, and that should begin to burn off fairly quickly as the sun comes out. A very calm wind to start will […]

More Storms Following Wednesday

Good morning. We’ve had several dry days, along with very pleasant days as little moisture has been present. That will start to change starting today and tomorrow, though our dewpoints won’t skyrocket into any excessive heat standards. A little bit more moisture will enter our area today allowing for a possible isolated shower for this […]

Weather Statement- Funnel Clouds Possible

Cold Air Funnels are possible through our afternoon hours. An area of agitated cumulus clouds are present across much of northern Illinois. These clouds will favor development of cold air funnels. Read below for more information regarding these funnels. Atmospheric conditions are favorable for the development of isolated funnel clouds associated with widely scattered thunderstorms […]

High Pressure Sets In

Yesterday I mentioned how our humidity levels were going to just drop. This will continue as a high pressure will settle in the area allowing all of our moisture to remain to our south. Along with that, we’ll see plenty of sunshine, low humidity levels, and zero chances for rain! A much needed break from […]