30s Today, 40s Tomorrow

We’ll have one more day stuck in the 30s as highs today really won’t leave the 30 degree mark. A southwest wind around 12MPH will be in place, but it won’t bring in much warm air due to the snow on the ground to our southwest. We’ll see mostly sunny  conditions with very little in the way of clouds. Tonight, our temperatures will drop to 16 degrees for our low, remaining with mostly clear skies.

We’ll see a 10 degree difference come Thursday as temperatures will rise to around 40 degrees. After tomorrow we’ll experience temperatures increasing to the mid/upper 40s by Sunday. Unfortunately we do see a system affecting the area this weekend that will likely bring showers and possibly snow. Following this system we’ll see another drop in temperatures, but will remain in the lower 30s as we start next week.

Tim Bejster – Associate Forecaster

Tim grew up fascinated by weather since he was a child. The raw power of a thunderstorm created his inquisitiveness towards severe weather. Overtime he began to understand weather which ultimately led him towards his chasing career. Tim is not your regular storm chaser though. Instead of being on top of the storm, he adores observing from afar and watching the weather reveal stunning displays in the clouds across the landscape.

Tim graduated from Dixon High School in 2004, and attained his Associated Degree in Science at Sauk Valley Community College. He currently studies Natural Resources at Oregon State University. Tim is additionally a photographer, husband, and father of two daughters.